Posted February 25th, 2020

Over the last decade we’ve watched as consumer engagement has evolved. It’s no longer focused around fun and freebies but fully strategized and more holistic in its approach due to the rise of digital, social media and ROI expectations. This has driven a demand for improved experiential reporting and analytics.

Sensor technology at events is widely used in the US and is now being explored by many global brands here in the UK. Gone are the days of ‘guesstimating’ footfall numbers, visitor interactions and levels of engagements, these high-tech sensors collect all of that (accurately) along with more unique metrics such as motion patterns, flow rates, response times and actual human emotions using facial and mood detection software, powering experiential environments through real-time insight.

As brands are more than ever under the spotlight to deliver creative, ROI driven experiences they need to think carefully about using advanced event tech to monitor their events. It provides a deeper insight, accurate reporting and more measurability than ever before. Real-time results means real-time responsiveness so adaptations can be made to enhance the overall consumer experience and optimise ROI.