In a covert arch just beyond Waterloo, we created our very own Beast Toys Science Lab. A one-off unique immersive experience that coupled IRL activation elements and the highly coveted ROBLOX x Beast Labs gaming experience.

Held in Aures, an incredible next generation digital events space, and hosted by our head scientist, our mini scientists were transported into his private chamber to learn about how the Beasts are made. A live mural artist painted the logo on the outside of the building creating intrigue and buzz beyond the event itself.

Once guests had made their chosen Beast, it was into the gaming chamber. Hosted by renowned young ROBLOX player Ethan Gamer and accompanied by a bespoke science themed lunch, our guests were invited to put themselves actually into the ROBLOX world and discover the exclusive Beast Lab characters to see if they could beat the Beasts!

A ‘beastly’ experience all round!

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