Using a bespoke created Piaggio Ape, we built a modular set that visited large Doggy events nationwide. From Paws in the Park to DogFest, we hosted influencers and pet parents with our Get Your Wag On Tour!

‘Get your Wag On’ was the brilliant umbrella proposition created the EA team all based on how much your doggy wags its tail to show its happiness. We also created the sniff test challenge! A bespoke built game that took three boxes with different flavoured chews in them and allowed your dog to come up sniff the boxes and then the one that they wagged their tail most excitedly at won!

We also had a ‘Place to Paws’ on the stand that allowed dogs to sit on our very own bean bags and watch a film! they could also climb the agility ramp, jump in our paddling pool or just chill in a deckchair!

Rosettes were available for the best performance!

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