Taking over the stunning exclusive boutique hotel and events venue Kin House in Wiltshire, we created a two week bespoke itinerary for the UK’s leading automotive and lifestyle media. Allowing them an exclusive preview of the brand new IONIQ 6 vehicles. Every part of their experience was linked to the brand all under the umbrella of: Arrive, Drive, Wonder, Experience.

Leading with the streamliner design properties of the Hyundai IONIQ 6 and backed up with the IONIQ family credentials, we created a unique journey both figuratively and literally through the evolution of the IONIQ’s.

Mornings started with a talk and a video briefing followed by a curated drive through the stunning Wiltshire countryside; getting to grips with the drivability of the IONIQs – their unique features and listening to our tailor made podcast.

Afternoons consisted of a fabulous IONIQ tailor-made lunch that highlighted more the cars unique features.

Evenings meant showtime! Taking over Kin’s secret garden we created the IONIQ electric garden. A unique RFID electric journey led to a playground of pods, each one giving our customers a really fun and memorable experience linked to the IONIQ properties. From a design museum to edible bubbles and podcasts on the chess piece design, customers were then taken to an experiential dinner.

The evening ended with an exclusive Hyundai IONIQ light and laser show that created pure joy and delight!

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