Deep in the hear of Essex, at Coleman’s farm to be specific – we created the World’s First Electric Car Powered Hotel. A curated two night stay that customers had the chance to win.

Consumers and leading members of the press had the opportunity to stay for one night in our exclusive car powered cabin. With luxurious touches, sustainable materials, an ex-michelin trained chef, guests were treated to a real outdoors playground and indulgent overnight stay.

They had the option to use our electric bikes to explore the countryside, sit under the fairy lights on their own private deck while enjoying the honesty bar, enjoy a bespoke menu in our kitchen dining room and end with a in-car cinema experience.

We customised one the cabins on the farm to be fully powered by the IONIQ 5. A real showcase of off grid living via the IONIQ. We also built a kitchen and outdoor cinema. Every element of the experience was powered by the IONIQ. We switched off all power and converted to the cars to showcase the future of outdoor living!

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