Picture the scene – you’re in New York in the 70’s, it’s full of beautiful people, there’s dancing and music and all round good vibes!

We were tasked with re-creating this iconic scene at a private family party in Essex for one very special night. Celebrating milestone birthdays, we built a bespoke structure to emulate the outside of the New York Nightclub and copied the interior touches down to a tee. From glitter cups to martini glass flowers and leather lounge seating everything was finely curated.

A 12 piece band led the dancing into the night and a surprise flash mob really got the crowd going post dinner. Working with a top catering firm guests enjoyed a three course ‘Studio 54’ meal and flair cocktails.

A beautiful round bar was designed to copy the disco balls so reminiscent of the club interior. We also decorated the trees surrounding the structure with disco balls and up-lights so when guests arrived the whole garden was alive with sparkling lights and spinning balls.

A discotastic showcase!

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